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Get free access to ChatGPT now without any restrictions or registration! Use this advanced AI-driven language model to create complex texts on any topic. Use it to search for information, write stories, generate ideas, and more.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a world-renowned chatbot developed by OpenAI. It is based on an advanced language model that has been trained on a huge amount of textual data from web sites, books, articles, etc. Artificial intelligence allows ChatGPT to use this data to "understand" natural languages (such as English) and communicate with users in a human-like manner.

Using ChatGPT is easy: you say something, and the bot replies. ChatGPT is able to follow the conversation, understand the context, answer follow-up questions, clarify or correct its answers.

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Things you can do with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful multipurpose tool that can be useful in many areas, from education to entertainment. However, it does have some limitations. For example, the language model rejects inappropriate requests, so it won't tell you how to brew poison or print fake money.

Here’s just a small list of practical applications of ChatGPT.

Conversations and answers


You can ask the bot anything and discuss a wide variety of topics. But keep in mind that ChatGPT has limited knowledge of the world after 2021. So please don’t ask who were the Oscar winners in 2022.

Generating text


You can use ChatGPT to generate text for various purposes. You can generate an article for your blog, an essay, a job application, a funny story, a song, even an entire book, chapter by chapter.

Translating text and practicing foreign languages


ChatGPT can translate from and to dozens of languages. If you’re studying a foreign language, you can use ChatGPT for practice. The language model is able to review your grammar, point out your mistakes, explain various rules, as well as meanings of words or expressions. And unlike a human tutor, ChatGPT is available 24/7, it never gets tired, and never calls your questions “dumb.”

Daily life assistance


ChatGPT can assist you with any types of everyday tasks: such as drafting emails, scheduling meetings, planning business trips or vacations, finding cooking recipes or creating meal plans.

Solving math problems


ChatGPT is not some advanced calculator, it does not simply give you answers. Instead, it shows you the solution process step by step, so you could actually learn something, if you’re interested, of course.

Writing code


ChatGPT can help you with several aspects of programming, such as reverse engineering tools, finding and debugging errors, and troubleshooting code issues. ChatGPT can provide you with additional ideas, suggestions, and insights that can help you develop better code. Whether you're working with complex algorithms or need assistance with basic syntax, ChatGPT can provide you with the tools and resources you need to become a more proficient programmer.

How to use ChatGPT?

Ask your question

Provide context and, if possible, add details. For best results, try to make your request clear and concise.

Provide a prompt for ChatGPT

Generate a response

Press the "Send" button, and wait for a few moments in order for ChatGPT to process your request and come back with a reply.

Provide a prompt for ChatGPT

Read the response

Read the answer carefully. Ask some follow-up questions if needed, ask the bot to explain or clarify something.

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Is ChatGPT free to use?


Yes. On our site, you can use ChatGPT without any fees or subscriptions.

Do I need to register in order to use ChatGPT?


No. There’s no need to register. You can use ChatGPT right away.

How many questions can I ask?


As many as you want. There’s no limit of questions you can ask ChatGPT on our site.

Does ChatGPT save data?


Yes. It helps the language model to follow the conversation. However, since all conversations are stored in your browser's local storage (and nowhere else) you can clear them at any time.

How confidential is ChatGPT?

All your interactions with ChatGPT are encrypted and anonymized, and all data is stored in your browser's local storage.

Is ChatGPT available in different languages?

ChatGPT is currently available in many different languages, including German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and others.

How accurate is ChatGPT?

Its accuracy depends on the quality and quantity of the data it has been trained on. In general, ChatGPT performs well on common questions and queries, but it may struggle with more complex or niche topics. Additionally, as an AI language model, ChatGPT cannot fully understand context or emotion in the way a human can, so its responses may sometimes miss the mark. Nevertheless, as advancements in AI technology continue to improve, we can expect ChatGPT's accuracy to improve accordingly.